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Ski Instructors have to get to work somehow…

I had to drop of my transfercar at Queenstown Airport early this morning and when I headed out of Wanaka it was still dark and I couldn’t see much of the place really. I opted for the shorter but more windy road via the Crown Range – a scenic route that I had in good memory from last year’s road trip. Turns out it’s just as breathtaking in winter conditions – only in a very different way. Luckily I had the perfect car for those conditions – my transfer car is a Subaru Legacy 4WD. Over here Subaru advertises their cars with the slogan “Ski Instructors have to get to work somehow” – which in that moment was right at the spot as my little car got me perfectly safe through the snow to my future workplace. Another thing that helped getting down on the other side of the pass was the grit spreading truck that I met just at the highest point together with another Subaru driver.


After dropping off the car at the airport I headed into Queenstown to take advantage of my last time in a decent-sized city and bought a couple of things that I still needed at my new home. The local bus got me back to Wanaka (via the longer route) just in time for the season’s welcome meeting for all staff of the ski resort – a lovely and well-organised get together of about 450 people from all over the world. The mountain’s leadership team introduced themselves and opened their presentation with a current picture of snow conditions on the mountain – which earned big wohoos and applause from the mountain staff crowd. Everyone’s pretty excited here about the snow and season’s opening this Friday.

Later we were split up in different groups according to the departments we will be working in, such as Ski & Snowboard School, Food & Beverage, Lifts, Childcare, Snowmakers, Customer Service, etc. While the other teams had their induction in meeting rooms, we did that whole thing in Ski Instructor style – at the local pub, sharing a couple of drinks, getting to know the future colleagues and finding out where they had all spent last winter. It’s been a long day for me so I headed home rather early, my flatmates joined me a bit later, we cooked up dinner and had a relaxed evening in the lounge, chatting and watching TV. I honestly have to say I’m pretty stoked about my flatmates & this place. Good night from New Zealand – it’s bedtime!

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