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Flooding in my home town

HochwasserI’ve not been particularly active on this blog in the last couple of days – due to a number of reasons. One of them being that I felt it was inappropriate to write about beautiful beach life & sunshine while my hometown is struggling so much with the consequences of severe rain. As most of this blog’s readers are from Austria you probably know the current situation better than me. For all those not from Austria: You might have heard over the news that Austria is flooded these days and everyone’s doing their best to get the situation under control. My thoughts go out to everyone affected by the floods in Europe but of course I am particularly concerned about my hometown Ebensee and what’s going on there.

Although my whole family keeps me up to date with pictures, e-mails, descriptions of how severe the situation is it is very hard to imagine what everyone is going through these days. I only wish I was there to help, support my grandparents while they are struggling against the water, help out at friends’ houses who have been affected by the floods. All I can do is send you all my best wishes and hope that the rain stops and you at least get some time to breathe before the big clean up begins.

Anyone interested in more pictures:


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