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Celebrating Sir Edmund Hillary who became to be the first person on top of the world…. exactly sixty years ago today!

Apart from my brother’s birthday there’s another historic event which deserves my attention today: the first ascent of Mt Everest (this blog is supposed to be about Mountains in the end!)


When looking at the date you’ll see that it is exactly sixty years ago today that someone ever made it to the top of Mt Everest. And while Europeans, especially the British who had first calculated Mt Everest to be the world’s tallest mountain, were secretly dreaming of being the first ones on top of the world it was a Kiwi who became the first person on Mt Everest. Big day over here in New Zealand! And what a coincidence that I found out all of this today!

Here’s how that happened: I was supposed to meet someone at Auckland Museum today and only got a message that he wouldn’t make it when I was already there (Shame on you when you read this, Rhys!). Making the best of the situation I decided to have a look at the building while I was already there. At the entrance I got into quite an interesting chat with the ticket counter ladies – who all happened to be from Europe – about our struggles with harsh New Zealand climate and how much we were all missing central heating. That made us connect immediately and the ladies were lovely enough to allow me into the museum without paying any admission. Only when I was wandering through its halls I found out there was a special exhibition about Sir Edmund Hillary and his first ascent to Mt Everest on the top floor. And how well done that was! I particularly liked the lighting and video installation projected to a giant model of Mt Everest.


I could go on for hours raving about that exhibition and all the objects shown – one thing I found particularly interesting was how many pictures were taken during that ascent – considering that it was sixty years ago, climate was harsh and camera models were completely different from today’s digital ones. Here’s a shot of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa just after returning from the successful ascent.


To sum it up – lots of coincidences today on 29 May 2013. And of course with all this magic happening New Zealand made sure there were some more surprises waiting for me once I got out of the museum again, such as this sunset over Auckland city.


The evening happened to be magic as well but more on that next time. It’s almost midnight here and it’s time to wrap up in my thermals before I go to bed (8 degrees outside, probably inside too – I can hardly feel my fingers as I type this.) Have a great 29  May everyone!


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