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The joy of doing something new: Fitness boot camp

To me, one of the greatest things about being in a completely new environment, where no one knows me is that it is so much easier to try new stuff that I wouldn’t usually do in my home environment. My personal goal over here is to do something new every day and today it was taking part in a fitness boot camp for the first time. Of course when it was about time to get there my inner self found hundreds of reasons why staying in a warm dry home was a way better idea than getting out into the rain but I convinced my feet to put on their trainers and move. And how much that was worth it!

Just imagine Kiwis of all sizes and backgrounds sharing the experience of  pushing themselves to their physical limits. The class is exactly as you would imagine it: A military style instructor who’s incredibly well-trained and fit, shouting out exercises, counting down seconds to go, always adding a couple more seconds when you think you’re close to fainting and making you go that extra mile every single time. I considered myself reasonably fit but there actually were many moments today when I felt completely out of shape. Tried to push myself anyway and absolutely loved that good feeling afterwards when you’ve reached your limits and even went beyond it. And it was very inspiring seeing all my fellow sufferers and how it became a team environment where everyone encouraged their neighbor to keep going when you thought you couldn’t do one more sit-up or press-up.

Don’t need to tell you I’m completely wasted now, every single muscle hurts and I’m just happy to be on the couch not doing any unneeded move. Have a good start into the week everyone back home and consider trying something new today.


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