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What I’ve been busy with last week…

It’s been a while since I last posted and I feel terribly ashamed for leaving you guys in the unknown – especially during the first week after my arrival, where you might be most curious about things going on over here. Believe it or not I’ve been quite busy and among the many things I could share with you are…

  • pictures from the many beaches around here that I’ve visited last week and how I am always blown away by the beauty of this country.
  • why you should never, never ever, let the blonde dog off her leash on a black sand beach when you’ve just been giving her a good wash.
  • pictures from some of the many bush walks in the Waitakere Ranges and getting ridiculously dirty in Kauri forest mud. Any why there are cleaning sprayers provided at the entrance and exit of each bush track.
  • how I ended up meeting a crazy Canadian Oscar winner and hearing about the daily struggles of a Visual Effects artist while composing a film scene of dwarfs with weapons in stereo. Would be easy in mono, but stereo? Had a secret smile about that. Plus many expat discussions on why Kiwi houses do not have heating systems or insulation and how the hell they can walk around bare feet ALL the time while we northern hemisphere visitors are all wrapped up in our hoodies and shivering.
  • how that same shivering Canadian decides to climb Lion Rock on Piha beach WITHOUT shoes although it’s pouring down and all slippery. Did I mention Canadians are crazy over here?
  • how much I love flat whites (Kiwi coffee) at the Piha Beach Café. Have to admit it’s mostly because of their awesome heating system but also the beautiful views through that huge glass window while another storm’s coming in over the beach and the close-by mountains. Love being inside on a rainy day in general, but everything seems to be a tick more special over here.
  • how much time it took me checking out the vast amount of network providers, going through their folders & mobile phone plans, understanding data deals & wondering why every data plan has at least 5000 text messages (do you guys need 5000 texts a month? I’ll probably get sore fingers from that….)
  • and the good news that my body seems to be adjusted to New Zealand time zone now and I finally get some sleep when I am supposed to.

And even if you’re not interested in all those stories, I’ll post some pictures anyway during the bad weather period coming up (which – at the same time – should bring lots of snow to the Southern Alps, hooray!)

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