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A spooky and sleepless night at the house

I thought I have had enough sleep on the plane and felt pretty fresh when I got here on Monday but having done this trip a couple of times already I should have known better: The jet-lag always strikes back. It just hits you out of the blue and if you don’t get to a bed or couch fast enough you literally fall asleep at the table (True story!). Yesterday it kicked in rather late and I fell asleep at around 7 pm, resulting in waking up at midnight – wide awake. Multiple techniques didn’t work out – no way to get back to sleep again. At the same time a major storm came over Auckland and it was pissing down in a way I had never experienced in Austria.

A sleepless and spooky night all alone at the end of the world – that’s a pretty perfect breeding ground for self-doubt and lots of worrying: Did I make the right decision? What am I doing here? Why the hell did I put myself into the situation where I am down here all alone? Should I have stayed at home and become normal again? Pursuing my old job? Living the life a lot of my friends do: getting a boyfriend, settling down, having kids, building a house? All of a sudden you think of all those people at home and having what they have seems like one of the greatest things on earth. 

IMG_0222Luckily I have a damn good technique against those upcoming thoughts: Making myself a cup of tea and having a read in this little book (on the left). My Dad gave it to me as a gift at the age of  21, when I first left home for a longer amount of time which was studying in Sweden for half a year. “The little book of happiness” as it’s called has lots of wise advice for any situation but the greatest thing is how it is Eva-nized: There’s a picture cleverly inserted into the cover – the guy peeking out of the flower is my Dad. Another thing that makes it special to me are the many comments and additions that my Dad has made to the book. He added his own stories, words of wisdom and quotations that always make the pieces of advice a bit more personal and I find my own thoughts in many of his words. And finally: It comes with a very touching letter which among other things  says that it should always remind me there are people thinking of me when I feel lonely. I am pretty sure this spooky night was one where at least someone in my family was thinking of me. It only needed a quick read this night to feel better and get back to sleep again and latest this morning, when I saw another stunning sunrise over Auckland I was reassured that I am on the right track.

Thank you Dad, for one of the greatest presents ever. This book has already seen many places along my travels and will continue to do so.



  1. Hi Eva,

    thanks sooo much for sharing this thoughts – it was like reading my actual thoughts on your blog…….

    Sleepless nights without a reason or a jet-lag with the mind running around similar questions like yours when it comes to my trip to Nairobi. Maybe I should also re-activate my blog already now, start sharing my little crazy preparations.
    Had a first webex with the Insitute yesterday with the goal to meet and to share more detailed info about the program – and it was ok, but we had half of the time technical troubles because of power cuts in Nairobi. And it was not detailed enough info for my needs or expectations. Still don´t know, where I will work, which organisation or other details, still no adress of my apartment where I will live the next months. The good thing, most of the participants seem to be younger than I am, migth become very interesting to learn from their perspective.

    All the troubles with Swiss authorities and needs for a request their and info here and not allowed to change the adress to an Austrian one for a limited period of time whitout a locked-down account. Troubles selling my old car, or better, problems to find someone who wanna buy it;-)

    And than the phone call from my headhunter today, about the actual status and possible job-offers – that lead me to the question, what I´m doing here, why I´m going away and looking for something new insted of getting settled down like you described your thoughts. But than I had to think back about our talk last time in Zurich, there will come the time for that, too – it´s just not now:-)

    I think, it´s the simple rule that goes for so many things: The grass on the other side looks always, always much more promissing than what`s in front of you:

    You are very lucky with the support you get from your family, something very special and wonderful. Without the support of our dearest, I guess, all our adventures would look a bit different.

    For you it´s the book to help moving on – for me in the moment it´s a “stick to the plan” and a “wait and see”, everything will be ok and great experience – I should know all these thoughts and mixed emotions from my last Indian experiences! And this one feels even less scary than India;-)

    Again, thank you sooo much for sharing these experience! Looking forwrd to hear the next progress of your NewZealand adventure! Enjoy the time!

    By the way: Anselm Grün hat schon was;-) Und die Kartenanzeige, die dich mitten im schönsten Blau des Ozeans anzeigt, auch:-D

  2. Nina says

    Oh, ich sitze hier bei Regen in einem Café in Bali und fange fast an zu weinen: das ist sooo süß mit dem Geschenk, das dein Papa dir gemacht hat!

  3. Anonymous says

    Lasse nie zu, dass du jemandem begegnest, der nicht nach der Begegnung mit dir glücklicher ist.

    Mutter Teresa

    Thinking back to your time in sweden I try to understand, how important it can be reading books of Anselm Grün and to discuss and reflect about our life. Sometimes I’m sleepless whithout jetlag- but thinking where you are and what are you doing
    Have a good time

    • Wise words again from Mother Teresa. No need to be sleepless – I am perfectly fine. Just wide awake again this night giving me lots of time to be thankful for the chances have in my life. Love, Eva

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