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How we met Shane…

I mentioned Shane in an earlier post and it’s about time to properly introduce him: Shane is a genuine Kiwi (that’s how you call a real New Zealander) and lives and works in the outskirts of Auckland. He’s one of those people you simply adore for his openness, friendliness and that particular kind of humor he has – and his hospitality of course. How we met Shane is actually a funny story to be shared:

Last year I went on a road trip through New Zealand and soon after my arrival I picked up my Austrian friend Maggie (who I still knew from my studies) from Auckland airport. Knowing there wouldn’t be any good camping spots in downtown Auckland we headed straight to Piha, a lovely beach town on New Zealand’s west coast. We arrived late at night and not seeing anything we followed our ears and parked the van on a giant parking spot where we suspected the ocean. It was only the morning after when we peeked out of the car that we realized we were almost on the beach – and what a beach. That’s how you want to wake up on your first day in New Zealand! We built up our little outdoor kitchen / dining room consisting of two camping chairs, a little cooker and a tea-pot and enjoyed our morning coffee with views on the ocean. Until a Kiwi truck pulled up next to us and Shane got out of the car.

Maggie, cheeky as always said “You’re just in time for doing the dishes – we’ve just finished our coffee.” Shane took it with humor and said he’d do it if he also got a coffee. And that’s the story how we met Shane.

We’ve stayed in touch since then and re-visited Shane a couple of times during our trip. When I told Shane I’d be coming back to NZ for the season he asked if I wanted to stay at his place and take care of his lovely dog Ruby while he’s away overseas. And that’s why I am now sitting on his comfy couch, with Ruby by my side, in his amazing living room, with views of downtown Auckland as I type this. And that’s just because of Maggie being so cheeky and getting us in touch with the right people at the right time… must be one of the magic things connected to her comfort zone theory. And thanks Shane for hosting me while in Auckland – I’ll take good care of Ruby and your place.



  1. Anonymous says

    Super coole Geschichte!!! Sowas passiert einem auch nur in Neuseeland oder Australien!!! Wünsch dir ganz viel Spaß und ich werde brav deinen Blog verfolgen!!!
    Alles Liebe,

  2. Nina says

    So herzig… wünsche dir noch viele weitere solcher zufälligen Begegnungen! Lieber Gruss aus Bali, Nina

  3. Lisa says

    I am glad Ruby is doing better. Best wishes from Vienna – my Ruby wants to say hi as well 😉

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