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Grandpa reading this blog on his iPad – at age 87!

May I introduce you to the oldest but probably coolest follower of this blog: My grandfather. He got an iPad last Christmas and since then he’s very busy on the web. Every now and then he gets a private lesson and this morning’s session was about “How to order a speed regulator?” (Drehzahlregler) on Amazon. He needs that one for the electric car he built himself – the one that perfectly fits a crate of beer in the back but not grandma. Very clever!

Also when it comes to our classes Grandpa is a great student – especially considering his age. He always brings along a note-book full of questions he wants to discuss and is always curious how things work. So after today’s lesson I briefly showed him my blog and guess what – he managed to bookmark it, all by himself. Considering that for him a bookmark is still that old paper thing you put into a real book. Stay as you are Grandpa – we love you!



  1. That is great that you show him how to use technology. Some of my friends parents still don’t know how to even turn on a computer. Great post.

  2. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for you comment – I appreciate your words. Yes, it’s great that he’s so interested in our world but at the same time it’s great to hear his stories of good old times without internet and cell phones as well. They’ve been going through some hard times but I’m learning a lot about happiness from their knowledge.

    Enjoy your cup of coffee 🙂

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