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Finding the cheapest, best-value flight to & from NZ with amazing beach stopover. Or how to drive your travel agent nuts.

With my planned departure to New Zealand in about a week or two it’s high time for some travel planning. New Zealand is literally on the other side of the world so doing a full round suggests itself, doesn’t it? To me it does and I had a pretty clear picture of my dream-route in mind (Munich-Auckland-Papeete-San Francisco-Austria). And that, of course, at an unbeatable price, without any hassle at the check-in over all that luggage I’m going to take and preferably with flexible fares to change dates in case I decide to stay in Tahiti for – like – ever? Or should I rather fly back via Asia and get some sunlight after two winters in a row? So many paradises on the way home – Philippines, Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka just to name a few – and so little clarity in my mind. To sort it all out I drew a little map of my options and thought I’d leave those decisions to what the travel agency could come up with and their prices.


No travel agency could work with something like that except STA Travel. Ever since I had booked my first long-distance flight at age 15 I solely rely on them for all my travel planning and I’m always blown away by their incredible service and patience. I admit, I am a very tricky customer too – not able to make up my mind what I want and impossible to fit my planning into flight schedules & prices but my travel agent superstar Daniela once again made it possible. Thank you! Both Bali and Tahiti were far from my financial possibilities so Thailand it will be. Hooray!

I haven’t been there yet but heard a lot of amazing stories. Anyone with travel advice feel free to post below or drop me a line. Or anyone planning to go there in November or December? Let’s meet up – or have you ever seen an Austrian Ski Instructor walking Bangkok with her skis?

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  1. Hi Eva,

    this made me smile, sounds soo much like my travel planning:-)
    And it looks like we have both found our travel angels – for me it´s my travel agent Agnes@Globetrotter her in Zurich. Without her help I wouldn´t find my way through all the choices and possible travel destinations – there are way too much of them out there!

    For seeing you with your skies on the beach@Thailand it would be nice to come to Thailand – November I will be in South Africa, but December is still open;-)

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